The Rat Thing Lead (Irene) Relentless Productions
    Winner: AOF International Film Festival
    Winner: Long Island Film Festival
    Winner:  Rainier Independent Film Festival
    Winner:  The Other Venice Film Festival
    Winner:  Dances With Films Festival
    Winner:  Bare Bones Film Festival
Save Virgil Lead (Charmaine Cruz) Quality Filmed Entertainment
Shakedown Supporting (Ms. Grant) Roger Corman
Passions Supporting (ER Nurse) NBC / Outpost Farms Productions
American Tragedy Supporting (Connie Chung) CBS
Pissed Lead (Busty Woman) Jammin' Planet Entertainment
    Winner: CMJ Filmfest
    Winner: Screening Filipino
Melrose Place Supporting (Dr. Antoinette Moore) Spelling Entertainment / FOX
Charmed Supporting (Admitting Nurse) Spelling Entertainment / The WB
The Tower Supporting (Littlehill's Secretary) 20th Century Fox
The Bronx War Lead (Rachel) Films Around the World
Beliefs Lead (Connie) Creative Cinergi Pictures
You're In America Supporting (Karen) Creative Cinergi Pictures
When in Persia Lead (Woman) World Wave Productions
Stolen Time Lead (Maria) The Cast Theatre, LA
Reunion Lead (The Woman) Glaxa Studios, LA
Abduction Lead (Maria Lupe) Glaxa Studios, LA
The River Lead (Schizophrenic Woman) Theatre of Note, LA
Tropical Vacation Lead (The Wife) Theatre of Note, LA
La Ronde Ensemble (The Maid & The Whore) The Lost Studio, LA
Splinter Ensemble (China) The Lost Studio, LA
Crazy Mary Lead (Sharon) Circus Minimus, LA
The Lost X-Mas Festival II Ensemble (The Cigarette Girl) Circus Minimus, LA
I Like Meat Lead (Susie) The Burbage, LA
The Inuit Lead (Bala) The Annenberg Center , Philadelphia
Tall Taxi Tails Ensemble (Pascale) The Cubiculo, NYC
The Opening Supporting (Maria) Nikolais/Louis Choreospace, NYC
List Upon Request
Candace Silvers Studios
Howard Fine
Deke Anderson
Cinda Jackson
Bill Traylor
Jay Goldenberg
Geraldine Baron
Special Skills
Dialects: French, Standard British, Various New York
Languages: Some Spanish, Some French, Some Italian
Other: Lead Vocals “The Statix”, Yoga, Skiing (Water & Snow), Horseback Riding, Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis
Ethnicities: Latin, Asian, Indian, French, Italian