About Me

A friend went to a psychic once and threw out my birthdate. The psychic said, "she's going to be one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood." My question is in what way was power meant to be defined? Hmmm...well I'm working on it. I am a creative professional. I use both my left and right brain as an actor, writer, director, producer, photographer - the order changes depending on what I'm doing at the time.

A Bio of sorts...

Charmaine is an award-winning actor, writer, director, movie producer, and print model, and president of Into Life Productions,, a movie and media company, founder of Into Life Films,, raising awareness on impactful issues globally. Among all other endeavors she is currently producing the documentary on Down syndrome: “What’s Up With Down". She is owner/photographer at Into Life Photography,, a full service photography company for personal and professional portraits, headshots, groups, weddings, events, fashion, advertising, and commercial photography and has finally broken down and purchased the domain name for Into Life Complete, her everything blog, where soon you will be able to read news of various happenings, various thoughts, musings, and most likely biased opinions some filtered, some unfiltered at

She is admittedly a compulsive animal kisser and hugger, shower and living room singer/dancer, closet chef, seamstress, and gardener, lover of naps, recovering Facebook/smartphone addict, and terrible file keeper, laundress, and dishwasher. If she had one wish right now it would be to have the time to snuggle with a good book and her boys, (maybe a good man?), some steaming divine tea, with a picturesque backyard window view of a grassy lawn, private dock, and tree-lined placid lake, with romantic dinner plans.

She lives in the whirling City of Angels with her ridiculously adored son and Lhasa Apso.

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